302™ Professional Skincare

A potently Natural/Clinical Esthetic product line for all Skin Types, Skin conditions and Skin Colours.

Providing effective topical solutions to reverse visible aging, acne and skin stress. Our specialty is skin scarring and difficult inflammatory disorders of the skin. We source organic, animal-free, and sustainable agriculture based ingredients and many of our products exceed 90% organic content.

Key selling points and features of this range are:

  • Exacting selection of highly concentrated ingredients and product range
  • Developed by a Bio Scientist
  • Versatility of product lines in a generous packaging selection which are also environmentally safe, bio-degradable, compostable packaging. No harmful leaching of toxins into the product
  • Contains the revolutionary ingredient Avogen™ in a topical form and supplement
  • Homecare and Clinic only products and treatments
  • Avogen™ has a distinctive molecule (302) enabling absorption to Extra cellular Matrix where it is able to normalise cells and cell signalling
  • Delivers unparalleled performance
  • Collaborates well with other treatments (IPL, peels, laser, microdermabrasion, dermal needling etc.)
  • A product line suited for the extreme challenging skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and rosacea/acne rosacea – with a range for extreme sensitivity
  • Reverses visible aging, acne, skin stress and inflammation
  • Increases volume and collagen production
  • Promoting skin health and skin maintenance products for Healthy skin
  • Visibly dramatic and sustainable results
  • Safe for all skin colours
  • Not tested on animals

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