Aderm Skincare’s boutique-style multi-dimensional skincare line delivers fast, long-lasting results for all skin colours. Specialty line for the extreme conditions of the Southern Hemisphere.

Key selling points and features of this range are:

  • Works rapidly at all cellular levels of skin structure
  • Developed to address the damage caused by our harsh New Zealand and Australian climates
  • Powerful combination of peptides, tyrosinase inhibitors & multiple antioxidants
  • A market leader in the treatment of pigmentation
  • Reverses aging – increasing volume and collagen production.
  • Versatile product line for Homecare - Clinic only and Clinic treatments
  • Can be safely incorporated into other product lines or sold as a stand-alone speciality range
  • Multipurpose composition makes it economical for your clients
  • Repairs, corrects, regenerates, heals and protects
  • Non-irritating
  • Bio degradable packaging
  • Not tested on animals

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If you are interested in stocking the Skin Results professional skincare product range, please fill in your details and Karen will be in touch with more information.