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The Advantages in becoming a stockist

Skin Esthetics has come a long way. We believe that achieving results in your Clinic is what will stand you out from others. Treating skin successfully is dependable on the ingredients a Therapist/Clinician has at their disposal.

The key is using “clever” safe ingredients which are science based, multi-functional, molecularly structured, with proven delivery systems, utilising unique combinations and concentrations without compromising the skins integrity.

Our selection of Products lines meets these requirements. Targeted for the Professional Skin Clinic with a primary focus on products that deliver results.

Our skin acts like a sponge and absorbs what ever it comes into contact with. Chemical absorption over time can potentially cause harm to your clients’ health and to the Therapist/Clinician. This is a concern to us and we hope it is a concern to you. There are many things that we come into contact with which we are unable to control, but we can control what is used on our skin.

The savvy consumer is looking for choices.Choices of products and treatments that actually show results, personalised for their skin needs, are safe and environmentally friendly

Our focus is to help you to increase your business success by re-defining your clinic choices. We will assist you to increase your sales, enhance your clinic treatments and provide sustainable long- term results for your clients. 
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