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Beauty Maintenance


We will tint, shape and tidy and have a good selection of tinting colours to reflect the depth of brow or eyelash colour for you.


From blonde, light brown to dark brown, deep grey and black - we have the tones that will suit your colouring. The shape of your brows is very important as it is the framework to your eyes, so we need to highlight these more to give definition. Particularly if you wear glasses. Brows can thin with age and if this is a concern for you we can talk about using a product called Revitabrow to encourage growth.

Another way to correct this concern is to use an eyebrow filler such as Colour Strokes which fills in the gaps and gives the illusion your have fuller brows.


Our tinting colours come in blue/black and plain black. If you are wanting to promote growth and volume to your lashes we recommend Revitalash for longer and thicker lashes. Ophthalmology tested - using natural peptides.

Results speak for themselves.   


If you have a special occasion Karen will arrange a time to go over your requirements and options and book an appointment. A healthy skin needs to be sustained by a healthy make-up range. Our extensive make-up range contain no carcinogens. We support the use of natural mineral makeup and lipsticks/lip-glosses which also treat, protect and nourish. All our make-up products can be found on our website for purchase.





Lash Tint


Eyebrow shape


Eyebrow tint


Eyebrow tint and shape


Eyebrow shape and lash tint


Eyebrow shape tint and lash tint


Eye Spa package (includes lashes - brows and eye treatment to address fine lines and dehydration lines)

$55.00 (35 mins)

Eye treatment can be included with any lash or brow appointment.

With an additional cost of $20.00
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