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Our prescription skincare is science based using nature’s ingredients. Our product range has been trialed, researched and clinically proven. The potency of skincare is proving more and more effective as science and nature work together. The ability to deliver ingredients at a cellular level and the creation of multi-dimensional products has revolutionised the beauty and appearance industry.  What you use each day has a huge impact on your skin’s appearance and quality.

Our range of professional and cosmeceutical skincare work together to get results you’ll appreciate and expect.

They are:

  • Safe and effective

  • Contain concentrated actives – including the new Avogen 

  • Molecularly structured ingredients which are multi-dimensional to target all levels of  the skin structure and cellular level            

The unique formulations chosen  explains why our professional ranges outclass other skincare products. We take care of your skin – from maintenance to treating problems such as pigmentation, rosacea, extremely sensitive skins, aging, scarring and acne. We prescribe ingredients specific to your skin’s needs and treatments to accelerate your results for the long term.  

At Skin Results we provide Honest – Professional advise . We value your health as our priority and only recommend treatments and products that do not have any carcinogen effects - without diminishing or compromising  your results.


302 Professional Skincare

302 Professional does not use toxic ingredients - the list of what is not in the product is long.  Lines continue to evolve with new and better technology and ingredient choices.  Most have no preservatives ( as many are self preserving) and the few that do, contain a food grade sodium benzoate. Organic and natural ingredients are used and products are freshly made  to maintain a long shelf life.  302 Professional is suited for all skin types and skin conditions; even the most problematic skin. Many of our products are also available with no essential oils (no fragrance) which are labelled Rx (ideal for sensitive skin).  

Our “Less is Best” mantra is challenging when many marketers encourage product saturation by the repeated daily application of actives without regard to skin biology fundamentals. Triggering the skin to generate a natural reaction is the key to sustainable and outstanding visible results. Skin can easily be weakened from over-use of skincare products – we provide individualized skincare programmes which will help strengthen and initiate a more responsive skin to ensure maximum results.


Aderm Skincare

Healthy skin is beautiful.  Aderm Skincare is a clinical esthetical product line using powerful combinations of peptides, tyrosinase inhibitors and antioxidants working efficiently at the cellular level. Aderm products help reverse aging, reduce or eliminate excess pigmentation and redness, add volume and heal acne, all without irritating the skin.

Skincare is largely about helping the skin function at its very best to build healthy, younger looking skin. This specialized boutique range is based on repairing, regenerating, healing and protecting. Sold to be used exclusively or to augment with other ranges to fill a gap in your current skincare products.

The pigmentation products are targeted for even the most stubborn discolouration and can also be incorporated with IPL/laser/peels and dermal needling followed by a simple but extremely effective aftercare product for healing/repair.




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