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302 Professional Skincare

 302 Professional does not use many of the common ingredients that have questions as to their ultimate toxicity. The list of what is not put into the product is long.  There has been years of fine tuning and our product lines continue  to evolve as we find new and better technology, ingredient choices and ideas. Most of the products have no need for common preservatives and those few that do; we use a food grade sodium benzoate. We use organic ingredients wherever possible and all of the products are freshly made.

Our Less is Best approach can be rather challenging when many Marketers often encourage product saturation of the skin by instructing repeated daily applications of actives without regarding the fundamentals of skin biology. Prompting the skin to stimulate a natural reaction is the key to sustainable and outstanding visible results. Skin can easily be weakened from over use of skincare products and they must be chosen carefully and used selectively.  

302 Professional is suited for all skin types and skin conditions; even the most problematic and sensitive skin. Many of our products are also available with no essential oils (no fragrance) which are labelled Rx.  This range of products is for the extremely sensitive skin types.

Face & Body Bar

Body Butter

302 Serum

302 Cleanser

Normal/Dry Cleanser

Oily/Combination Cleanser

Acne Cleanser Rx

Sensitive Cleanser

Sensitive Cleanser Rx

Face & Body Bar Rx


Revive Gel

Body Butter

Body Intensive Moisturiser

Calming Mist

Calming Mist Rx

Enzyme Gel

Massage Oil

302 Active Mist

302 Drops

302 Drops Rx

302 Plus Drops

302 Plus Serum

302 Sensitive Drops Rx

Avogen Mist




Lightening Drops

B- Boost

Exfoliator Acid Free/ Papain

Professional only Exfoliator Plus 30% Salicylic Acid Peel

Avocado Mask

Hydrating Mask

Professional only Treatment Mask

Professional only Calming Mask Rx

Recovery Plus Lotion

Recovery Plus Intensive

New Product

Moisture Drops

Ceramide Serum

Lip Balm

Self Tanner Gel

Hand Treatment

Remedy Rx

Eye Firming Serum

Eye Gel

Sun Block Spf 15 and Spf 30 and Spf 50 - no synthetic sunscreen

Clinical Cleanser for Dry/Sensitive Skin

Clinical Oily/Combination Cleanser

Clinical Inflammation/Acne Cleanser

Clinical Dry Sensitive Moisturiser

Clinical Oily/Combination Moisturiser

Clinical Inflammation and Acne Moisturiser

Clinical Sunblocks 22Spf and 40Spf (also a light moisturiser)

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