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Avogen Duo



New to the Skin Industry 

Avogen - is a multi-dimensional ingredient. Derived from  the avocado.  New to the skincare industry and  described as an active lipid. Available in a supplement form or product application.

Avogen is part of the 302 Professional skincare range. The number 302 is the molecular weight of Avogen. This is significant in why it can  normalise cell signaling  from the Extra Cellular matrix. Normalising cells is important for cellular health. 

Avogen softens the cell membrane and protects cells from free radical invasion. Softening of the cell membrane also  increases the efficacy  of other ingredients to work far more effectively.  Regulates sebaceous glands, brightens and tones, plumps and softens the skin, increases collagen activity, reduces fines lines and wrinkles, repairs scarring , sun-damage, pigmentation and reduces inflammation.

Avogen™ is available in a supplement, topical mist/serum or an oil. One application  per day on the skin will transform and minimise the visible effects of sun damage, chronic aging and over all skin Health . Reducing to every other day can be sufficient to maintain results.

As a supplement it also aids in lubricating joints, assist in brain and eye functions, reduces inflammation internally and externally. Ideal for psoriasis and rosacea conditions.  

Typical Histology - 30 days: upper arm biopsy

34% reduction: fine lines and wrinkles

78% increase:   epidermal thickness

33% increase:   dermal thickness

30% increase:   collagen

69% increase:   DNA

67% increase:   skin protein

244% increase: dermal fibroblast population: surface

226% increase: dermal fibroblast population: cross section

397% increase: glucose utlilisation  







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